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While the Pope may be a smart man, and highly educated there are still certain skills that every person who engages in helping other people as their life pursuit should have. When I think about the Pope I think of how much he has already given to society. He helps people at every turn and has dedicated his life to not just serving God but also serving his children here on earth. As a servant of the people it is important to be trained with skills that will help him be a better leader.

I personally would recommend that the Pope learns how to perform ACLS, PALS, and BLS. This training can be used to help someone in an emergency situation. Imagine if you saw an image of the Pope performing CPR and teaching other people how to perform CPR. It would inspire millions to obtain training that can be called upon to help save your neighbor during a heart attack or stroke. Everyone needs to learn Basic Life Support and everyone should also have a knowledge of Advanced Cardiac Life Support. Pediatric Advanced Life Support Should be learned by parents, teachers, and those who have regular interaction with children.

The Pope is a figure head of the Catholic church and as such is supposed to be the ultimate example of what we should prioritize in our lives. When choosing a Pope I think the most important thing is to see what type of example he will be to the people. This goes far beyond with how often he prays or how long he kneels at the altar. It should be about the service he gives and also about the education he has received that allows him to better help other people.

Knowledge is power and thats what I love about BLS, ACLS, and PALS. Think about it just for a moment. If we didn’t have doctors and nurses trained in the hospital, we wouldn’t be able to receive the benefits associated with modern healthcare. Basic Life Support is simple interventions any person can do in an emergency heart attack and yet most people don’t bother to take the time to learn. It is the same thing in relation to ACLS and PALS. It is frustrating to see so many people that don’t bother to do the simple things that can make a real difference.
Pope, if you’re reading this, learn ACLS, PALS, and BLS. It is easy to do and you can do it completely online! Actually, I want to talk a little more on that subject. ACLS certification online is by far the easiest way to take the class. PALS certification online is also good but ACLS certification online will give you a broad understanding of the principles that will help you perform in almost any situation.

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The working of Papacy is something that is really astonishing and worth reading and experiencing. This is a legendary procedure that works in very complex way and you have to take good gook to understand what is actually happening. This is all done by the procedure that is really making life more suitable and very effective for the people who believe and have faith in Christianity. When a Catholic Pope dies then this process begins.

We understand well that College of Cardinals now elected a new person in a place called conclave. This is very good thing to deal with as this is a hidden process for sequestering the members for voting in the Vatican city to make sure they are not able to have any contact with the outer world. In other worlds they are sort of bounded in the conclave till the next pope is elected. The conclave starting have the time limits as it begin after the death of pope 15 days later and not more than 20 days as this is the procedure and that must be followed. The cardinals are locked inside the St. Martha House and are carried to the Sistine Chapel for voting. Special arrangements are done that these cardinals are not allowed to meet each other during the voting and are not influenced at all. This is a very hard part of the voting.

In 1996 a new procedure was devised and was announced by the Catholic Pope John Paul II that the election of new Pope will be elected in St. Peter in Apostolic constitution he called the UDG (Universi Dominici Gregis). We know that it is accepted that Pope has the right to device the norms and regulation of the election of the successors. Some of the popes have even been ACLS certified. ACLS certification online is something that even clergy find important. They work with several people so having their ACLS certification is important.

After the formation of UDC the Universi Dominici Gregis had devised some rules and regulations of the selection of the new Pope of the Catholics which are as follow

  1. They constituted maximum number of cardinals are 120 and at this movement they have 199 of them.
  2. It is a n age limit for the cardinals and any cardinal reaching age 80 cannot take part in the voting and after his stepping down the next cardinal is allowed to take part in the voting, so if you see things like this we will come to know that only 107 cardinals are qualified of voting at the movement because of age limitations.
  3. It is a must that the candidate for the catholic pope must gain two third majorities plus one as a part of rule.
  4. There is time to ballot all the votes twice a day, one in the very morning and 2nd in the evening. So total four per day.
  5. If the Pope is not elected after 30 votes than the rule of simple majority prevails and new pope s selected on simple majority. As all other ways of electing the popes are left in favor of majority rule.

These are the lasts rules which prevail now to elect new pope.

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The election of the catholic pope is one of the most mysterious things on the earth and the most hidden secret when it is done. You can say this is the prime apex secret that is revealed in the shape of new Catholic pope and this ways is continues from the centuries and this is the only way that a new pope is elected for sure. When the catholic popes are elected they meet a list of people being the part of the process. These people are

  1. The cardinal deacon
  2. The cardinal dean
  3. The secretary of the college of cardinals
  4. Master of papal celebrations

After the catholic popes are elected the cardinal dean is bound to ask two questions from the newly elected popes

  1. Do you accept your election in fact canonical election as a supreme pontiff and leader of the religion?
  2. Tell the name by which you want to and have the wish to be called for the rest of your pope-ship?

After the acceptance of the said routine the elected person immediately become bishop of the Rome and all cardinals step forward to pay homage to newly elected pope as a supreme leader of the church and show their loyalty to the Pope for the rest of his life and so on so forth. This is the thing that is to be recon the most and the most respected event of all times when you see the history of the world. The Popes of the Catholic Church are the most powerful men that have changed the history of mankind for many centuries and are still a very strong figure in all over the world.

Soon after the election it is the oldest tradition that the most senior and the oldest cardinal comes out in baloney and announces the legendary words “Habemus papam: that means we have brand new pope and after that popes step up and show themselves to the people and impart their blessing and Apostolic blessings to the world as a new leader of the religion and owner of the church.

After catholic popes have done all that and the inauguration is over they start their regime and start working as a new leader and carry of day to day works and look after the church and so on so forth. There are vast responsibilities of papal office as a leader of the largest religion and head of state of Vatican and the holy church following are some activities which are the most important to recon as a catholic pope.

  • He is the bishop of the Rome and serves as the archdiocese of Rome and also provides spiritual guidelines to the members.
  • He is also an appointing authority of the bishops and cardinals.
  • He travels all over the world to spread the beliefs of Roman Catholic Church all over the world and tells the people that how the church thinks of the matter world is coming across in the life

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The prophecy of the Catholic Popes is very ancient and you cannot see all aspect of the Popes lives as there are some task to be done which actually look strange and out rages and out of contexts but they are real and are very important for the faith and believe we have on Jesus. The duties of the Popes in fact he Catholic Popes is to see these matters and see some metaphysical arrangements. We know when we talk about the religion we talk about the spiritual powers which are very much there and keep forcing their way in the life of a common understanding. We all know there are two types of systems prevailing right now. The opaque system and the system with lot of densities in the world as they both are prevailing simultaneously. When a catholic pope is selected he has the command on both as he is successor of the legacy left by the Jesus and the St. Peter.

The dense world is what we are living and have the carpus to do these activities what we are actually doing. While the other world is very different thing and you need to understand fully about it. Where the carpus we possess has no meaning and one can travel from one era to other and from one place to other without the means we know to travel. The Catholic Pope has to have command on both worlds and should be able to direct people and tell the right path to them as well. This is the world of religion believe and some are very strange features like miracles and saints. You need to reveal the miracles to reach the saint status. The people of God have done it so many times in different times and have the miracles like uncorrupted bodies even after the death of hundreds of years and so on so forth. It is duty of the Catholic Popes to decide that these miracles are graded as gift of God and will of God and the person is reached to saint hood or not.

The catholic popes have basic duty of appointing the messenger from the church and that is Bishops. We know that these people are real member and direct descendants of the church from Vatican from the Pope. So these bishops are appointed on the locations where they are required by the will of God to teach and guide the people all over the world. The other thing that is very important in case of duties of catholic popes is that they create and split and even up hold the territories for the bishops which are called Dioceses. These dioceses are created and finished depending on loss and gain of members of the holy church.

Creation of cardinals is one of the important duties of Catholic Popes. They are the people who are senior members of the church are serving in the church for the Popes and for the better understanding of the religion and they are promoted as cardinals for the Popes.

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Being the largest religion on the plant you will come to know lot of interesting things about the Christianity and lot of strange feeling when you know inside out of the religion and have a close look at that. We all know that Roman Catholic Pope is a supreme commander of the religion and is sort of the God descendant who has carried the work of Peter for centuries now. Very few people know about that fact that what are real duties and responsibilities of the Pope and what he or they have been doing in the church for centuries. We all know these Catholics are more spirituals than the Protestants and they seek Popes as the main savior of the Christianity and act upon his advice without any hesitation. So following are the responsibilities of Catholic Popes

We know he is a spiritual leader of Catholic Church and he inherits all the powers from St. Peter, as he was the man who was appointed as head of the church by the Jesus himself. He is elected by the assembly if the cardinals till his death or until he resigned himself out of this. After his death or resignation a new Pope is selected but he must follow the path of his predecessor and guide the people for the wellbeing of the people.

Defining the faith and allied issues

He has the utmost duty to define all issues related to faith and morality as for as Christianity is concern. He is supreme spiritual leader of the Christians. This is not an easy job at all as he required full command on biblical passages and the texts from religion to introduce the right teachings to the faithful about the issue of the issues related to what they were seeking. He has to intervene and tell people about the day to day issues as well which has some relation to religion as well and he has to give his interpretations as well like birth control and abortions etc., which means he is also affecting the daily life of a common man like no other can do. So being the commander of the society he has to put his weight on these issues to get the best out of the civil society according the “will of God”.

Administrator of the Church

Catholic Pope being the head of all activities of the Catholic Church is also considered as president of the church as well. He has billions of the dollars at his disposal to select the people who are better servants of the church and appointments to the projects and achieving the goals which are set by the Catholic Church. These popes have very strong control over the administrative assignments which are real power of the church and can control everything by these. So he is very powerful on this front and he has to be because everything that is under this is controlled by the catholic pope and this has been the case for centuries. We know that church has played a very important role of the evolution of the civil societies as it is in the shape right now. Without it this was not possible at all.

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The theology of catholic and orthodox church is same when it comes to Christianity of the world we are living in today. They are very close in traditions and the structure that is hierarchical and in order that makes life very much directional and very innovative as well. So you cannot chose between two churches when it comes to the theology of the religion that is world most dominating religion in the current time. If you see closely you will see they celebrate same sacraments which are quite a few during the year and they recite same Creeds which are dominant force of the religion and further if you see they are very good and almost identical in the hierarchy that consist of deacons, priests and bishops. But I you see the history of these two churches, you will come to know that about one thousand years ago they were separated and the most part of it were dominated by the apostles with which they were adhered for so long. When you listen to each side you will come to know that they think they have followed the apostles better than other and you will come to know that both claims are bit partial. You can easily differentiate about it when you dig deep a bit about the faith of both churches.

If all that is correct then what is the difference between these two churches. Well if you dig deep you will come to know that there are more differences than the similarities in these churches. This article is not about highlighting the differences but it is all about knowing more closely the both churches and knowing about the comparisons of these churches and nothing else. Furthermore you need more readings and this article is not enough to put light on all aspects you are dealing with about these churches.

If you have harder look on the both faiths you will come to know the main difference of these two churches is the role of popes in the religion. What I mean to say that both look differently when it comes to role of popes and they really don’t agree on what can be a common thing in between two. In this case both sects agree that Pope of Rome is the real successor of Peter, while there are some other sects who also believe that there are other popes which are successors of Peter but most of the Christians think that Roman Catholic Pope has the legitimacy to claim thorn of Peter than any other. The Roman Catholic popes are the real master of the ring and they know and they have the powers from the God to look after people spirituality as well as in their practical life. They are more close to the people than the rulers as they exercise the power of religion and belief as well. Roman Catholic Popes are the personalities well regard as the most powerful men who has changed the course of humanities for so long time.

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