Duties of Catholic Popes

Being the largest religion on the plant you will come to know lot of interesting things about the Christianity and lot of strange feeling when you know inside out of the religion and have a close look at that. We all know that Roman Catholic Pope is a supreme commander of the religion and is sort of the God descendant who has carried the work of Peter for centuries now. Very few people know about that fact that what are real duties and responsibilities of the Pope and what he or they have been doing in the church for centuries. We all know these Catholics are more spirituals than the Protestants and they seek Popes as the main savior of the Christianity and act upon his advice without any hesitation. So following are the responsibilities of Catholic Popes

We know he is a spiritual leader of Catholic Church and he inherits all the powers from St. Peter, as he was the man who was appointed as head of the church by the Jesus himself. He is elected by the assembly if the cardinals till his death or until he resigned himself out of this. After his death or resignation a new Pope is selected but he must follow the path of his predecessor and guide the people for the wellbeing of the people.

Defining the faith and allied issues

He has the utmost duty to define all issues related to faith and morality as for as Christianity is concern. He is supreme spiritual leader of the Christians. This is not an easy job at all as he required full command on biblical passages and the texts from religion to introduce the right teachings to the faithful about the issue of the issues related to what they were seeking. He has to intervene and tell people about the day to day issues as well which has some relation to religion as well and he has to give his interpretations as well like birth control and abortions etc., which means he is also affecting the daily life of a common man like no other can do. So being the commander of the society he has to put his weight on these issues to get the best out of the civil society according the “will of God”.

Administrator of the Church

Catholic Pope being the head of all activities of the Catholic Church is also considered as president of the church as well. He has billions of the dollars at his disposal to select the people who are better servants of the church and appointments to the projects and achieving the goals which are set by the Catholic Church. These popes have very strong control over the administrative assignments which are real power of the church and can control everything by these. So he is very powerful on this front and he has to be because everything that is under this is controlled by the catholic pope and this has been the case for centuries. We know that church has played a very important role of the evolution of the civil societies as it is in the shape right now. Without it this was not possible at all.

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