Election of the holy man

The election of the catholic pope is one of the most mysterious things on the earth and the most hidden secret when it is done. You can say this is the prime apex secret that is revealed in the shape of new Catholic pope and this ways is continues from the centuries and this is the only way that a new pope is elected for sure. When the catholic popes are elected they meet a list of people being the part of the process. These people are

  1. The cardinal deacon
  2. The cardinal dean
  3. The secretary of the college of cardinals
  4. Master of papal celebrations

After the catholic popes are elected the cardinal dean is bound to ask two questions from the newly elected popes

  1. Do you accept your election in fact canonical election as a supreme pontiff and leader of the religion?
  2. Tell the name by which you want to and have the wish to be called for the rest of your pope-ship?

After the acceptance of the said routine the elected person immediately become bishop of the Rome and all cardinals step forward to pay homage to newly elected pope as a supreme leader of the church and show their loyalty to the Pope for the rest of his life and so on so forth. This is the thing that is to be recon the most and the most respected event of all times when you see the history of the world. The Popes of the Catholic Church are the most powerful men that have changed the history of mankind for many centuries and are still a very strong figure in all over the world.

Soon after the election it is the oldest tradition that the most senior and the oldest cardinal comes out in baloney and announces the legendary words “Habemus papam: that means we have brand new pope and after that popes step up and show themselves to the people and impart their blessing and Apostolic blessings to the world as a new leader of the religion and owner of the church.

After catholic popes have done all that and the inauguration is over they start their regime and start working as a new leader and carry of day to day works and look after the church and so on so forth. There are vast responsibilities of papal office as a leader of the largest religion and head of state of Vatican and the holy church following are some activities which are the most important to recon as a catholic pope.

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