The Holy duties

The prophecy of the Catholic Popes is very ancient and you cannot see all aspect of the Popes lives as there are some task to be done which actually look strange and out rages and out of contexts but they are real and are very important for the faith and believe we have on Jesus. The duties of the Popes in fact he Catholic Popes is to see these matters and see some metaphysical arrangements. We know when we talk about the religion we talk about the spiritual powers which are very much there and keep forcing their way in the life of a common understanding. We all know there are two types of systems prevailing right now. The opaque system and the system with lot of densities in the world as they both are prevailing simultaneously. When a catholic pope is selected he has the command on both as he is successor of the legacy left by the Jesus and the St. Peter.

The dense world is what we are living and have the carpus to do these activities what we are actually doing. While the other world is very different thing and you need to understand fully about it. Where the carpus we possess has no meaning and one can travel from one era to other and from one place to other without the means we know to travel. The Catholic Pope has to have command on both worlds and should be able to direct people and tell the right path to them as well. This is the world of religion believe and some are very strange features like miracles and saints. You need to reveal the miracles to reach the saint status. The people of God have done it so many times in different times and have the miracles like uncorrupted bodies even after the death of hundreds of years and so on so forth. It is duty of the Catholic Popes to decide that these miracles are graded as gift of God and will of God and the person is reached to saint hood or not.

The catholic popes have basic duty of appointing the messenger from the church and that is Bishops. We know that these people are real member and direct descendants of the church from Vatican from the Pope. So these bishops are appointed on the locations where they are required by the will of God to teach and guide the people all over the world. The other thing that is very important in case of duties of catholic popes is that they create and split and even up hold the territories for the bishops which are called Dioceses. These dioceses are created and finished depending on loss and gain of members of the holy church.

Creation of cardinals is one of the important duties of Catholic Popes. They are the people who are senior members of the church are serving in the church for the Popes and for the better understanding of the religion and they are promoted as cardinals for the Popes.

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May 2022
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