The thorn of Christianity

The theology of catholic and orthodox church is same when it comes to Christianity of the world we are living in today. They are very close in traditions and the structure that is hierarchical and in order that makes life very much directional and very innovative as well. So you cannot chose between two churches when it comes to the theology of the religion that is world most dominating religion in the current time. If you see closely you will see they celebrate same sacraments which are quite a few during the year and they recite same Creeds which are dominant force of the religion and further if you see they are very good and almost identical in the hierarchy that consist of deacons, priests and bishops. But I you see the history of these two churches, you will come to know that about one thousand years ago they were separated and the most part of it were dominated by the apostles with which they were adhered for so long. When you listen to each side you will come to know that they think they have followed the apostles better than other and you will come to know that both claims are bit partial. You can easily differentiate about it when you dig deep a bit about the faith of both churches.

If all that is correct then what is the difference between these two churches. Well if you dig deep you will come to know that there are more differences than the similarities in these churches. This article is not about highlighting the differences but it is all about knowing more closely the both churches and knowing about the comparisons of these churches and nothing else. Furthermore you need more readings and this article is not enough to put light on all aspects you are dealing with about these churches.

If you have harder look on the both faiths you will come to know the main difference of these two churches is the role of popes in the religion. What I mean to say that both look differently when it comes to role of popes and they really don’t agree on what can be a common thing in between two. In this case both sects agree that Pope of Rome is the real successor of Peter, while there are some other sects who also believe that there are other popes which are successors of Peter but most of the Christians think that Roman Catholic Pope has the legitimacy to claim thorn of Peter than any other. The Roman Catholic popes are the real master of the ring and they know and they have the powers from the God to look after people spirituality as well as in their practical life. They are more close to the people than the rulers as they exercise the power of religion and belief as well. Roman Catholic Popes are the personalities well regard as the most powerful men who has changed the course of humanities for so long time.

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May 2022
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