Way of electing the Catholic Popes

The working of Papacy is something that is really astonishing and worth reading and experiencing. This is a legendary procedure that works in very complex way and you have to take good gook to understand what is actually happening. This is all done by the procedure that is really making life more suitable and very effective for the people who believe and have faith in Christianity. When a Catholic Pope dies then this process begins.

We understand well that College of Cardinals now elected a new person in a place called conclave. This is very good thing to deal with as this is a hidden process for sequestering the members for voting in the Vatican city to make sure they are not able to have any contact with the outer world. In other worlds they are sort of bounded in the conclave till the next pope is elected. The conclave starting have the time limits as it begin after the death of pope 15 days later and not more than 20 days as this is the procedure and that must be followed. The cardinals are locked inside the St. Martha House and are carried to the Sistine Chapel for voting. Special arrangements are done that these cardinals are not allowed to meet each other during the voting and are not influenced at all. This is a very hard part of the voting.

In 1996 a new procedure was devised and was announced by the Catholic Pope John Paul II that the election of new Pope will be elected in St. Peter in Apostolic constitution he called the UDG (Universi Dominici Gregis). We know that it is accepted that Pope has the right to device the norms and regulation of the election of the successors. Some of the popes have even been ACLS certified. ACLS certification online is something that even clergy find important. They work with several people so having their ACLS certification is important.

After the formation of UDC the Universi Dominici Gregis had devised some rules and regulations of the selection of the new Pope of the Catholics which are as follow

  1. They constituted maximum number of cardinals are 120 and at this movement they have 199 of them.
  2. It is a n age limit for the cardinals and any cardinal reaching age 80 cannot take part in the voting and after his stepping down the next cardinal is allowed to take part in the voting, so if you see things like this we will come to know that only 107 cardinals are qualified of voting at the movement because of age limitations.
  3. It is a must that the candidate for the catholic pope must gain two third majorities plus one as a part of rule.
  4. There is time to ballot all the votes twice a day, one in the very morning and 2nd in the evening. So total four per day.
  5. If the Pope is not elected after 30 votes than the rule of simple majority prevails and new pope s selected on simple majority. As all other ways of electing the popes are left in favor of majority rule.

These are the lasts rules which prevail now to elect new pope.

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