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The Pope Needs ACLS Training

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While the Pope may be a smart man, and highly educated there are still certain skills that every person who engages in helping other people as their life pursuit should have. When I think about the Pope I think of how much he has already given to society. He helps people at every turn and…

Way of electing the Catholic Popes

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The working of Papacy is something that is really astonishing and worth reading and experiencing. This is a legendary procedure that works in very complex way and you have to take good gook to understand what is actually happening. This is all done by the procedure that is really making life more suitable and very…

Election of the holy man

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The election of the catholic pope is one of the most mysterious things on the earth and the most hidden secret when it is done. You can say this is the prime apex secret that is revealed in the shape of new Catholic pope and this ways is continues from the centuries and this is…

The Holy duties

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The prophecy of the Catholic Popes is very ancient and you cannot see all aspect of the Popes lives as there are some task to be done which actually look strange and out rages and out of contexts but they are real and are very important for the faith and believe we have on Jesus….

Duties of Catholic Popes

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Being the largest religion on the plant you will come to know lot of interesting things about the Christianity and lot of strange feeling when you know inside out of the religion and have a close look at that. We all know that Roman Catholic Pope is a supreme commander of the religion and is…

The thorn of Christianity

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The theology of catholic and orthodox church is same when it comes to Christianity of the world we are living in today. They are very close in traditions and the structure that is hierarchical and in order that makes life very much directional and very innovative as well. So you cannot chose between two churches…

May 2022
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